About Johns Education Consulting

We work with education and community based organisations to help keep young people engaged in education. We do this through:

  • Consulting - We carry out evaluations of existing programs and work with organisations to get new projects off the ground. 
  • Training - We deliver training and professional development to  teachers and other front-line staff to work effectively with at risk young people.

We have over twenty years of experience in the education sector, and draw upon past experience as well as the latest research to help our clients get better education outcomes. We've had great success working with community organisations, local government organisations, schools and the wider education sector. 

Community Organisations

Community organisations play a critical role in breaking the link between disadvantage and poor education outcomes for vulnerable young people. We work with community organisation to improve their existing youth engagement efforts, and to find new ways to help disadvantaged young people to grow. 

Local Government Organisations

We can help local government organisations  to improve the effectiveness of their existing youth engagement projects, and to evaluate the potential impact of new youth engagement projects. 

The Education Sector

We have extensive experience working in the primary, secondary, post-secondary and specialist education sectors.  We can help tailor curriculum for different interests and learning styles, develop strategies to keep young people engaged in education and support teachers to better understand how to support vulnerable learners. 


Key Areas of Expertise

Understanding flexible learning in Australia

Over 90,000 young people are enrolled in a flexible learning program in Australia. These programs have been set up because, for one reason or another, the traditional school system has not met the needs of these young people. Flexible learning settings are an important way of meeting the different learning needs of young people who face complex barriers to staying engaged in education. As educators, it is our responsibility to support all young Australians to gain an education. We need to think about success holistically and hear the voice of young people who struggle.  

Making the transition from education to further education or employment

 In 1986, it took an Australian young person an average of one year to find work. In 2017, that figure has risen to a whopping 4.7 years85% of jobs people will be doing in 2030 do not even exist yet. Ensuring young people transition well after compulsory education is more important than ever. 

The Australian education sector needs to adapt to teach skills needed for jobs of the future, and with up to 10,000 young Victorians leaving school in Years 9-11 every year, it needs to do so in a way that engages current students.

New Learning Styles

The way we work is changing, and Learning and Development needs to change to reflect this. Education design and curriculum needs to be inclusive of all learning styles, and incorporate elements of interactivity within it. Johns Education Consulting supports organisations to tailor their curriculum so that it meets the needs of all participants. 

Our Team

Nick Johns

Nick has worked in the education sector for over 20 years across Primary, Secondary and Post-Secondary Education, in Australia and the U.K. He has held a wide range of roles including teaching, education case management, flexible learning program leadership, project management, and research.

Nick is passionate about ensuring that all young people get a fair go in education, regardless of their background or circumstances. This has led him to work with some of the most disenfranchised young people in society, developing flexible and inclusive education approaches. Between 2010 and 2016, Nick worked with St Kilda Youth Service and Melbourne City Mission, leading program and curriculum development, and managing and supporting teams delivering secondary education to highly marginalised young people. In 2016-17 he led the Flexible Learning Victoria ‘Successful Journey’ project which identified measures of success for the sector.

Nick has a Masters in Adolescent Health and Wellbeing and strong research and project management experience. He works closely with key staff within government departments, school and program leaders, and young people to improve educational and wellbeing outcomes.

He is also a key contributor to research and publications about flexible learning and the education sector, and is a regular speaker at conferences on education. 

Melissa Johns

Melissa Johns has been working in the teaching sector for any many years, and specialises in working with students who for one reason or another don't quite 'fit in'. She has worked in both Australia and the UK with secondary aged students from a range of backgrounds.  She has also led innovative social engagement projects including taking two groups of disadvantaged students to a community development project in Kenya.  

In recent years, she has become more focused on working with highly disadvantaged young people including young mums, those in out-of-home care, young homelessness people and those requiring inpatient clinical care for highly complex mental health issues.

Melissa is an expert at talking to, engaging and teaching marginalised young people – she helps them to love learning again, making it fun and appealing.

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