What we can learn from Play School about Partnerships in Action!


Last year I was invited to deliver a keynote presentation on the topic of "Partnerships in Action" at this year's Victorian Applied Learning Association (VALA) Conference. 

The presentation focused on the role of partnerships in the education system including internal and external partnerships - as epitomised by the excellent partnerships displayed in Play School! Who can forget the onscreen magic of Noni and John!

Key examples of partnerships for successful school programs include:

Internal Partnerships

  • Parents/carers

  • Students

  • Teachers

  • Leadership teams

External Partnerships

  • Community organisations

  • Student wellbeing (internal, external)

  • Secondary consultations with service providers

  • Industry – (VET delivery, SWL etc.)

I concluded the presentation by proposing that there were four P's in partnerships:

  1. People - Partnerships are only possible if people are empowered to build relationships with others.

  2. Process - It is important to map out your goals, and work with education brokers (such as Local Learning and Employment Networks - LLENs) to form partnerships that will help you work towards them.

  3. Progress - Be sure to measure the growth of your partnerships, and plan for how you will measure them in advance. This will help you to identify the success and challenge of any partnership.

  4. Party! - Celebrate your success! It’s important to inject energy into any partnership by celebrating milestones after a period of time.

You can download the slides to the keynote here.